Facebook Messenger BOT

On Tuesday 12th, April 2016, Facebook launched the messenger API which allows businesses build BOT that can relate with the customers and prospective customers from the messenger app for both android and ios. What does this mean for small business and brand? […]

Creating database in Android – The easier way with SugarOrm

Creating databases and database migration in android can be cumbersome and time-consuming.  SugarOrm is a database persistence library that provides a simple and concise way to integrate your application models into SQLite. With SugarOrm all you […]

Synchronous and Asynchronous I/O for Dummies

I have been digging into concurrency for a while now, and I noticed there was a little confusion around people understanding what Synchronous and Asynchronous I/O is. This article tries to use real life example to […]

How to Host your Laravel Project on a shared Hosting.

Hosting your Laravel Project on a shared Hosting can be a little bit tricky sometimes especially if you are new to the Framework. This article will guide you through hosting your Laravel Project on a shared Hosting. […]

Making AJax Request in Laravel 5

Are you new to LARAVEL 5? If you tried moving your project from Laravel 4 to 5, you might have had an issue with handling form data with Jquery. This is because Laravel 5 uses CSRF (Cross-Site […]

Creating a new Artisan Command In Lumen

Just playing around with the Artisan Command. So, i decided to write my own key generator. So i got this KeyGenerateCommand class here. So, for those of you who may want to have your own custom […]

JSON Labs Release: Native JSON Data Type and Binary Format

With the advent of NoSQL databases that uses key-value, graph, or document data structures in place of MySQL relational database structure. NoSQL according to Wikipedia, was motivated by the simplicity of design, horizontal scaling, and finer […]

Running specific migration file in Laravel

Database Migrations in Laravel help you control your database schema through a version control file. When a migration is created, it is named after a unique timestamp. The command php artisan migrate triggers the execution of all outstanding migrations in the […]